TMNT #38 RI Cover by Brahm Revel 


TMNT #38 RI Cover by Brahm Revel 

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If life were to suddenly get fair, I doubt it would happen in high school.

Sky High was excellent. 

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set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.


Aziz Ansari is like the king of callouts.

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I didn’t want to be Doctor Who in a Doctor Who I didn’t like. I had to be convinced the show was going in a direction I was interested in. I had to think carefully about the level of visibility. My life was blessed, but as soon as this happened I had paparazzi outside my house. People spoke to me before and recognised me, but nothing like this. I had to decide if I was ready to live with that, because once that genie is out of the bottle, it doesn’t go back in. I thought, ‘You’ve loved this since you were a kid, how can you not be Doctor Who?’

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You have indeed felt a great loss.

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